Monday, October 22, 2007

Has It Been...

...nearly a month since I've added to my blog? Between teaching the girls, keeping up with my husband's crazy schedule, doctor appointments, and crafting, there just isn't enough energy left, I suppose. BUT, I have just returned from a weekend of excitement--I attended the Virginia Rolling Retreat hosted by Club Scrap in Herndon, Virginia. What a time it was! I'll be posting photos of some of the projects we made. Goodness! Club Scrap knows how to introduce retreat attendees to some wonderful techniques, and we all came away with some great projects, new knowledge, and friends who are kindred spirits. If you love to craft, check out Club Scrap's website, and feel free to ask me about becoming a member. I'd love to share the love of Club Scrap!

Speaking of Club Scrap, they just unveiled their new, hip Christmas kits called A Very Groovy Christmas. There are two color options, both with funky designs. They will be flying off the shelves, though, so time is a'wasting! Get them while they are available: A Very Groovy Christmas. I've already ordered mine!