Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Guess It Was Time...

...for me to finally create my own blog. I always thought of blogs as foremost being created by either boastful people, or those who wanted to persuade others. I have to admit that I am neither. I've always hesitated to share myself or my accomplishments openly, plus I have never considered myself influential enough to get people to see things my way. Secondly, until recently, my experience with blogs has been with professional journalists. And journalism is something I've never wanted to try. Even personal journal-keeping has rarely been on my list of things to do, if ever. Sure, I did assigned journaling in school, I wrote in a diary a few random times, and I write all sorts of things on calendars that I save from year to year. But, I don't see myself as a writer.

Therefore, this blog will not be full of my views on life, politics, or the state of the world. (At least not at first.) My main focus is to have a place to show my favorite papercrafting projects to my friends and family.

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